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I met Kevin Levya five years ago when he resided at Hogar de Esperanza orphanage in Trujillo, Peru.  Since then, he has been moved to Hogar San Jose, an orphanage for older boys.  His sweet smile, humor and affection can often cause a person to overlook the great challenges he faces.  Kevin has spent the past 9 years of his life in institutional care after his parents attempted to drown him and later left him stranded in a vehicle.  While his biological grandmother is still living, she was unable to supervise and care for him during his younger years due to his moderate mental disabilities.  While Kevin is already 17 years old, he is just now ready to complete the 6th grade at Escuela Inclusiva Ciro Alegra.

Kevin is one of many children who are ready to age out of orphan care unprepared for life on their own.  Kevin will have to leave Hogar San Jose within the next year and we are partnering with them to provide Kevin with real-life opportunities and a plan for his future.  While Kevin is unable to participate in an official vocational program due to his disabilities, he has been evaluated by a psychologist to determine his gifts, abilities and areas where he can encounter success.  Through this evaluation it was discovered that Kevin has a wonderful artistic gifting and focusing on this area will allow him the opportunity to express himself and give him means to partially support himself through art. Together with Hogar San Jose, we are developing a plan to reunite Kevin with his biological grandmother, continue sponsorship for his educational – vocational needs and support his transition back into society.

We are looking for sponsors who will help provide a future for Kevin by providing the funding for his classes at the Escuela de Bellas Artes (School of Fine Arts) where he will study drawing and painting. This opportunity will allow him to sell his work, participate in a respected area of study and be part of the community.  The classes are 6 months in length and the fee is $95 per month, which includes school fees, all art materials, and transportation.  Our organization will visit with Kevin each month to evaluate his progress, as well as receiving a formal report from the school and the orphanage.  Sponsors will receive a progress report and communication from Kevin twice during the 6 month period.  Will you participate in changing Kevin’s future?

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