Community Outreach

Building Relationships
We strive to build relationships within the community we work with in Perú and the communities that collaborate with us throughout the United States. In Perú, our staff are a part of RED Cenares, an organization that brings local orphanages together to share ideas, resources, support and training.

Our youth, staff, missions teams and volunteers are engaged in many projects in the local community surrounding Hogar Luz de Vida. The youth participate in volunteer activities in the community, such as visiting the local Senior Center. Our staff assist in providing seminars and training to equip other organization and orphanages in Peru, as well as teaching the community about household management, finances, goal-setting, health and personal relationships. Mission teams reach out in the community by rebuilding local playgrounds, repairing park benches and cleaning up neighborhood streets.

We also have been elected to work with Buckner Perú and TOM’S Shoes. In 2012 and 2013, we distributed thousands of TOM’S Shoes to children throughout Northern Perú who reside in orphanages or are living in extreme poverty. The provision of shoes is a great blessing to many children who are otherwise unable to afford new shoes. The children especially need shoes to allow them to meet the uniform requirements of Peruvian schools.

In the United States, we partner with churches to build awareness of the challenges faced in Perú and provide opportunities for service with our ministry in the United States and in Perú. Corazon de Esperanza holds presentations for local schools, churches and social groups. We have booths at many events throughout the country to share our projects and the various opportunities in which people can be involved.


Community Partnerships

We partner with churches and organizations to build awareness of the challenges faced in Perú and provide opportunities for service with our ministry in the United States and in Perú.


Sustainable Development Initiatives

We provide a variety of classes to the women including: cooking, knitting, sewing, Bible studies and parenting classes.  We also provide counseling and support to families undergoing significant challenges.


Youth Programs

This consistent support enables Corazón de Esperanza to continue providing hope to youth who are emancipating from orphanages and at-risk youth in northern Perú. Learn more about our Building Partners and Corporate Sponsorship, too.

Corazón de Esperanza, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope to orphaned children, at-risk teens and impoverished women of Northern Peru.

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