Peru Crew Enrollment


Please ensure the information you provide on this form matches your government issued passport exactly. Plane tickets are issued using the name and dates you provide and must be identical to your passport. Please also make sure your passport is valid for 6 months after your return date from the trip. Any name changes made after your ticket has been issued will incur fees of at least $200 and up to the cost of a full ticket. If you are a participant and under 18 years of age, a parent must fill out this form and confirm the information is correct. For more information on our policy, please download and read the CdE Enrollment Conditions at the bottom of this page.
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Please download and read our CdE Enrollment Conditions and then agree to these conditions.
If you are signing up for the Winter February Peru Crew, please download and agree to the CdE Enrollment Appendix A.
Participant Agreement: I agree to the "Cde Enrollment Conditions". I have checked my information carefully and verify that all information is correct.*
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Parent/Guardian Agreement: If Under 18, Parent/Guardian agrees to the "General Conditions of Participant" stated above. I have checked my child's information carefully and verify that all information is correct.
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