Successful Year

Corazon de Esperanza would like to take this time to reflect on this past year’s successes and growth. Earlier this year we were able to open the third floor of our transitional house to those visiting groups over the year. There were five groups that came to visit Peru, and share their talents and service with us. We also want to thank all those who contributed financial this year to furnish this third floor with household items. Your help will provide for further housing of youth in the future. Yanina was an additional smiling face in the transitional house this year. It was also a joy to see the youth grow and experience more than they thought possible this year. For example Miguel lead a presentation with his classmates to teach the staff and the youth skills he himself learned in the classroom, and Luz was able to travel with classmates to see new things to better prepare her for her field of study. The youth aren’t the only ones who experienced new things, but the women in our sustainability project did too. There is now two groups of women who meet in the Trujillo area making handmade items to be purchased on the online store which was launched earlier this year. The women have expanded their knitting skills by including scarf making amongst hats and headbands. Also this year there were more people willing to set aside sometime to volunteer either with projects in Peru or in the United States. These people we are truly thankful for as this dedications and outreach creates more possibilities for the people in Northern Peru. We can’t forget about our financial supporters either whether you are helping a youth with their education or just contributing to the overall organization of this non-profit group you are making a difference to better the lives of the people involved in our programs, so thank you. THANK YOU ALL and Merry Christmas!!!

Class Trip

14963314_1459720184041547_2993179907532957453_nLuz, one of the girls living in the transitional home, had the opportunity to visit Chachapoyas in the mountains of northern Peru as a part of a class trip through her institution. This was such a great experience for Luz since she is studying tourism as her vocation. The group visited some archaeological sites: the fortress of Kuelap – a walled city, Carajía – a cliffside hosting eight mummies, and the Caverns of Quiocta. Luz said the trip involved a lot of hiking. “The best thing was that I could enjoy a lot of nature since it has been a long time I have seen much living here in the city (Trujillo),” said Luz. She also enjoyed the time with her classmates and the shared moments with them. What a joy it is for Luz to have this amazing opportunity through the transitional program of Luz de Vida.

More Than Product

15171182_10210578734761707_1888631703659132937_n-version-2 unnamed-1-version-2The women in our sustainability program, Hilos y Semillas,  are not just gathering each week to make knit and jewelry products to be sold to support their families. There are relationships and comradery building amongst the women. They even see Graciela as their friend more then their leader. This was demonstrated as they set aside a separate meeting time to gather to celebrate her birthday. They even prepared lunch themselves, ceviche, which is Graciela’s favorite. This love is being seen by others and they want to be a part. So a generous donation was given of milk and yogurt to the women and families in this program. Isn’t it great when love is freely given and received.

Volunteer Family Member

unnamed-4-version-2Theresa Maxwell spent two weeks volunteering with our youth and women programs in Trujillo, Peru this month. Theresa is a recent university graduate from England who studied anthropology. “I am particularly interested in projects that support women’s rights and work to improve their position in society,” Maxwell said in response to why she decided to volunteer with Corazon de Esperanza. She was also intrigued by the age of the youth we work with since it is such a crucial stage of their life. Theresa not only worked with the youth and staff in the day-to-day life of the transitional home, but also spent some time with the women in our sustainability program. She said, “Witnessing these skillful women making the most of the opportunities provided by Corazon de Esperanza demonstrated the positive impact of the organisation on their lives.” Overall Theresa felt like family being a volunteer through our organization. “I couldn’t have imagined a warmer welcome…I really felt part of the family. The combination of highly dedicated staff and the young adults’ motivation creates a positive, secure environment in which they can learn and grow; professionally, emotionally and spiritually,” states Maxwell. We thank Theresa for her time and service, and welcome her back as part of this family anytime.

CdE Blessings

unnamed-3-version-2It is during this time we reflect on the year and give thanks for the many blessings God has given us. And Corazon de Esperanza is no exception to these blessings. We started the year with the completion of the third floor of the transitional home. We are thankful to the many supporters of this building project and those who supplied funds for the house items needed to furnish this new area. The 6 groups who visited the site in Trujillo were also appreciative. We were thankful so many groups were able to serve with and see the youth, women, and programs our organization has to offer to those in Peru. These groups were not the only people that learned more about our programs, but the staff of Luz de Vida were asked to make a presentation at a government forum to educate city officials on other options for teens who need extra help in their city. As the awareness of the transitional home is becoming more knowledgeable in Peru, so are the handmade items from our women’s program, Hilos y Semillas. People in the United States are seeing and purchasing more of these items with the additional appearances at craft fairs and the opening of the online store. Overall we are most thankful for all our supporters and volunteers whether you are providing financial support or giving of your time either in Peru or the US. Thank you to you all. Happy Thanksgiving from Corazon de Esperanza!

Planning For the Future

13516426_1153068368088322_3908863948261339596_n-version-2Sure….some of you have a list a mile long of things that need to be done to prepare for this holiday season, while others of you choose to wait until the last minute to put a plan together. At the transitional home the youth are learning the importance and benefits of planning not only for tomorrow’s agenda, but for life in the future with a career and support system. We not only want the youth to accomplish all that is required of them to get through the three years within our program, but we also want them to be successful long after they have left our program. The youth will not only learn the importance of planning but also apply it to their own lives to see first hand the significance of planning.

Sponsor Miguel Angel

14517518_1413204852026414_1137423501739818174_nMiguel Angel is one of the few youth who is still in need of your help by becoming a sponsor. This will allow him to be fully sponsored for his education. Miguel has spent most of his life trying to provide for his parents, especially after the death of his older brother. Since his parent’s health has prevented them from keeping a steady job, Miguel had to drop out of school to work himself. But now that he is in the Luz de Vida program he is currently getting an education to become an accountant, which will benefit his family in a better way. Help support Miguel, a diligent student, by contributing monthly to his educational costs.

Preparing for Christmas


Well…these aren’t exactly Christmas stockings, but the women of Alto Trujillo have been busy knitting socks for everyday use. This could be a nice Christmas gift for someone this holiday season. Or any of the other handmade knit and jewelry items made by the women at either of our two sites in the Trujillo area. It maybe a little early for some of you to be thinking about Christmas, but by purchasing an item whether at a holiday arts and crafts booth or through the Hilos y Semillas online store you are not only providing a special gift for someone, you are bringing hope to a family in Peru. The Winter Market & Holiday Fair is Nov. 19 in Eagle, CO and the Holiday Extravaganza is Dec. 3-4 in Lawrence, KS will both have Hilos y Semillas items this year. Or click on over to and buy an item today.

Is Bible Learning Relevant?

img_0097In this world of social media and technology how can the words of the Bible be relevant today. The staff at Luz de Vida are leading the youth this month on how to study the bible and how the stories are connected to today’s people. The Bible is filled with examples of how people should act or not act in the world. These same themes of love, hope, peace, fear, righteousness, temptation, etc. apply today. The youth were lead to focus on passages and stories relating to being Godly men and women with examples like Joshua and the woman of Proverbs 31. Other general duties of followers of Christ were also discussed like prayer, service, thanksgiving, and praise to God. Overall the words of the Bible still speak to the true values of a person.img_0093

Strength of Eyni

13062340_1171810446165248_4445622556563453245_nEyni Rosmelita Sánchez stands out from the other girls residing at the Luz de Vida transitional home. Not only in her well maintained appearance like most teenage girls wanting their hair, make-up, and clothes to be just perfect for the occasion, but in her confidence in character to achieve all she can in life. She is determined to get things correct with just the right amount of perfection. This shines through despite her journey in life of being raised by unreliable parents with addictions until the age of nine when she entered an orphanage with her three older sisters. Like her sisters she wants to be successful in life outside of the orphanage with a job and family. Eyni is currently studying to be a chef, which she enjoys. Eyni will find away to follow her dreams, but you can help her by being a monthly sponsor of $50 a month to pay for her education. Go to the youth sponsorship page of the website to click on Eyni’s beautiful face today.